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Our Appraisers

Rip Walker & Associates knows the importance of each real estate investment decision. The appraisers assist clients with basic decisions such as determining a list price or offer-to- purchase price, mortgage loan decisions, comparing investment alternatives, and remodeling or new construction. Each appraiser is experienced in condemnation valuations and estate settlements and other situations requiring expert witness testimony, and Rip has been qualified as an expert witness in numerous courts. Valuing leased fee estates, leasehold interest, and undivided fractional interests are common assignments.

The appraisers offer a wide range of appraisal experience with the following types of properties: office buildings, apartments, shopping centers/ mixed-use developments, warehouses, distribution and manufacturing buildings, subdivision and condominium developments, truck terminals, religious facilities, hotels, restaurants, convenience stores, automobile agencies, farm/agricultural land, all other types of vacant land, and many types of special purpose properties.

Rip Walker & Associates also offers real estate consulting services which include, but are not limited to, site acquisition, highest and best use analysis, financial feasibility studies, and market rent studies. Our knowledge of the various segments of the real estate market, major participants in these markets, and understanding of the social and economic factors influencing these markets provides clients with reliable market data supported answers to complex real estate questions.

Click on one of our appraisers below to read their bio:

Rip Walker
Rip Walker, MAI
Jeff Norwood
Jeff Norwood
Allen Sledge
Allen Sledge
Troy Van Dyke
Troy VanDyke

We offer our clients a variety of real estate appraisal services ranging from complete to limited analysis. Our constant exposure to federally insured lending transactions allows for a broad knowledge of regulatory requirements, insuring the lending institutions we work with less risk with potential violations. In addition, real estate consulting and expert witness testimony services are offered. Due to our experience, we are able to provide our clients with the most complete analysis of complex investment grade properties in our trade area, or a quick and inexpensive valuation of the less complicated properties when time and expense are a major consideration.