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About Rip Walker and Associates

Rip Walker & Associates is an association of four experienced appraisers, either certified or licensed, engaged in real estate valuation and consulting services. An extensive data bank, computer technology, and the varied experience of our appraisal and support staff provide the clients of Rip Walker & Associates with reliable valuation and consultation services. It is one of the most experienced appraisal firms in the Memphis/North Mississippi area in terms of volume, appraisal billings, and scope of assignments.

Rip Walker, MAI, Jeff Norwood, Allen Sledge, and Troy VanDyke joined to create an association of appraisers with a wide basis of experience and specialties, and one support assistant who provides research and data collection. Each appraiser specializes in various areas of the Memphis metropolitan and North Mississippi area and in various property types to provide clients with the highest level of expertise available. Limiting assignments to primarily the Southwest Tennessee, North Mississippi and Eastern Arkansas areas, our firm is very knowledgeable about these markets. By specializing in certain areas and property types, our clients are provided with the very best information and analysis to assist them in making real estate decisions. Each appraiser devotes virtually 100% of his time to real estate appraisal and consulting, thereby avoiding any potential conflict of interest.

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